Dashboard with indicators for an overview of project development.

Track work for a minute

Work in a way that suits your needs while still keeping remote teams closely aligned and highly empowered. Learn from your tracked time and make your work hours more productive with tracking on your projects. WorkVector is an automated and efficient way to create track of work that clearly communicate employee roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations. Plan, run, and track remote work of your employees in one flexible platform. WorkVector enables remote teams to stay productive and be ready in minutes.

  • track your work progress
  • align your team in a minute
  • unite your work with your coworkers
Report with an overview of work performed and tasks on the project, including statistics for billing.

Get an overview with reports


Keep an updated record to report on results immediately and track time on projects. WorkVector lets you organize your projects, track work hours, and share reports with your employees - all in one place. Enter hours you worked, add description to categorize your work. Generate visually pleasing time reports that give a clear overview of your work and help you track your projects. Effective work reports empower your teams to run projects more efficiently in any way they choose.

  • edit your time logs
  • track work hours in real time
  • track time on projects and tasks
Project page with the possibility of setting up the project and managing the roles of the people in it. Dashboard about project status, summarizing tasks and awards, team members, recent events.

Manage work with projects

Split your work into projects. Create detailed plans, track and monitor progress, and report on results. Build the right foundation on one workspace to kick-off projects successfully. WorkVector’s feature is a fully customizable table for managing your projects and everyday work. Check each project and its progress in real time anywhere you are. WorkVector gives you a high-level overview of where things stand at glance, so you know your team is moving in the right direction.

A page with your tasks.

Follow progress of given tasks

Get fast insight into your tasks performance.  A visually pleasing overview of your time tracking data grouped by different categories. Pick an important task and delegate it to your team members to make sure it is completed. Detailed information about your tasks can be cutomized and filtered so it fits your needs - by urgence, importance and other. WorkVector keeps you in track with your employees’ assignments.

Group page.

Manage staff with groups

Figure out how much time each team member spent on projects or tasks. Get more information about team members categorized by theirs position. The structured report shows the percentage of efficiency and work performance in a day, a week and a month of each employee. You can respond and help them with their struggles. It enables you to keep work progress flow!


Find what suits you and start effective planning of your work.


10.00 $
per month
  • 50 projects
  • 5 people in the team
  • 25 clients
  • unlimited tasks
  • 500 KB attachment size


60.00 $
per month
  • 100 projects
  • 20 people in the team
  • 50 clients
  • unlimited tasks
  • 1.5 MB attachment size


120.00 $
per month
Decorative triangle for selecting the number of users.
  • unlimited projects
  • 40 people in the team
  • unlimited clients
  • unlimited tasks
  • 5 MB attachment size


How it all began?

Image of our team in COVID-19 times.

An overview is what's going on here. As a company, we have been making full use of WorkVector for some time now, so that we can enable all employees to work, and at the same time Chief Pepa has an overview of who is working on what, what is done and what is being developed.

Thanks to our own use, we were able to afford to 'catch all the flies' and fine-tune the application to our own satisfaction. Today, our partners are already working with WorkVector and we are very pleased with their enthusiastic feedback. WorkVector is an effective way to work with a full overview wherever you are in the world. Participate in various projects, build your career, learn to use your time effectively, but also the time of the whole company in which you work.

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Interested in information about WorkVector?

Where to find us?

JchSoft s.r.o.

Company headquarters

kpt. Nálepky 2332
530 02 Pardubice
Czech republic

Company office

Pernerova 168
530 02 Pardubice
Czech republic

IČ: 04876113
Registration number: CZ04876113
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E-mail: info@workvector.com